The Colors of Evil – shortie but goodie :)

A friend shared this magnificent short animation on facebook and I immediately knew I had to, simply had to use it in the classroom – what’s better than pink, fluffy and cuddly evil?

Well, yeah, TWO pink fluffy cuddly evils, but I don’t have a budget for this. Yet.

I find this shortie a perfect storytelling material for all ages and all levels higher than pre-intermediate. You can use it as a group-work or pair-work activity, and even use it as a base for nice homework.

I think the best idea is to watch this film in a classroom stopping the video and asking various what do you think happens next questions. For example:

0’40”: we see two protagonists, who are they, what are their names and their relationship?

1’00”: what is the EmoGothGirl planning to do?

1’40”: what went wrong? who’s Belphagor (spelling mistake, should be Belphegor) and what’s going to happen with a fluffy demon?

2’15”: do you think the EmoGothGirl will ever get her revenge? Maybe she’ll give up and she and the AnnoyingMissCuteness will end up as BFF?

2’54”: doom, doom, doom, is it time for revenge?

3’20”: what may happen when a Hell’s spawn hypnotises the AnnoyingMissCuteness?

3’48”: love this stomp here ❤

After watching the video it’s time to discuss the story, if the students liked it, what they think might have happened to make the EmoGothGirl and the AnnoyingMissCuteness enemies for life etc.

If we’re working with younger learners we may ask them whether they are familiar with school bullying and have a proper lesson on the issue, focusing on more down-to-earth ways of stopping bullying. If our students are adults, we may focus on telling stories from their own school days (and practice past tenses, or, ideally, used to construction). But we may simply enjoy this film as a simple and short activity to brighten February lessons.

If you want to give homework, I think making an entry from the EmoGothGirl’s diary on “two months later” would be a perfect idea.


Oh, and after watching the whole film it’s good to come up with the moral of the whole story. I’m sure my students have their own ideas, but mine is definitely this:

If you want to summon a proper demon, pay attention to your spelling!