Homework? Smile in the morning!


Have you heard that even if you fake a smile, you genuinely start feeling happier? At least that’s what American scientists say, but is it true?

Me and my B2 group have decided to give it a try, hence the homework, perfect for grey November:

Put a board with the word SMILE next to your bed and force yourself to smile as the first thing in the morning. Remember to make notes on your feeling! After a week we will check the notes and see whether we have felt happier or not really.

‘Teacher, does it include Monday?’ asked my student.

‘Monday, I believe, is absolutely crucial.’

November – the grim month

Don’t you find November the worst month in a school year? I do! The days are shorter, people are strangely unhappy with the weather (I love November and its weather, but surprisingly, I’m a minority, huh).

To cheer you up I’ve collected some grammar-motivational pics and I thought that, if you’re overwhelmed by November, you may use them in your classroom. Have fun 🙂








But, just to remind all of us…