6 Useful Apps for Academic IELTS Prep

6 apps for Academic IELTS

This year I’ve been preparing a group of teenagers for their Academic IELTS. I experimented with various books (like Direct to IELTS and Ready for IELTS), but when it comes to teenagers – especially those who have a lot of studying apart from test-oriented English course – you need to look for alternative sources of individual tasks, because in their case typical homework just wouldn’t work.

What could I do? Naturally, I had to follow a phrase that’s become quite typical for me, namely there’s an app for this. And indeed, you can find a lot of mobile applications helping you deal with IELTS-related issues. And since sharing is caring, I decided to present my top 6 apps that will help students practise at home and prepare for the test – links will direct you to Google Play Store where you’ll be able to download the app. You may also find most of them in the Apple Store as well.

1 IELTS Full Band 7.5+ by English Store

This app provides not only exercises, but also useful tips on test techniques. You may learn vocabulary, practise your listening skills, focus on writing or even work on your speaking. I find this app really useful if you want to work on your overall English level. You may say you don’t need such a high band (the app is expected to help you get 7.5) on your test, but I believe it’s better to prepare for the higher band. Accept the challenge and try this app!

2 IELTS Prep App by the British Council

This app focuses on listening and speaking – areas which can be surprisingly problematic for most students. You will have access to practice tests, tips, explanation of assessment criteria, videos of speaking tests and much more, so that you’ll be properly prepared for your test. You can even set up a daily reminder to monitor your progress. I believe everyone will find this app useful, as speaking test – especially its second part – is one of the trickiest I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever tried a 2-minute long monologue on your way from school to home when it’s a short walk… oh, and don’t forget to show off your linguistic potential!

3 IELTS Writing by FR-solutions

I find writing the most problematic area to prepare for Academic IELTS, especially that most essays written in a regular school look completely different (at least in Poland), an preparing students for writing a composition that is so unlike the pattern they’ve known for years may be particularly difficult. However, you may find an app to support one’s endeavours, and this one is really useful. Apart from practice tests, you’ll find lessons and samples that will guide you through the unfamiliar ways of Academic English essays. I could recommend this app for every Academic IELTS student.

4 Grammar for IELTS Test by Bananas eLearning: Professional Education

A regular course preparing for IELTS may not focus on grammar to the extent expected by the students, thus an app to encourage their in-home study. This free offline app will provide three levels of grammar study (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with 2000 questions in 200 tests.

5 IELTS 4000 Academic Words List by Hoang Minh Thang

Although there is no specific part for testing vocabulary during IELTS, there is a certain core a candidate is expected to be familiar with. This app will help you remember the essential vocabulary for Academic IELTS, presenting various tests. each word is described with an explanation, pronunciation and usage. It tracks your progress and reminds of various quizzes to test your knowledge.

7 IELTS Skills – Complete by Macmillan Publishers Ltd

This app is designed to help you develop all the skills needed for Academic IELTS. It’s filled with content by Sam McCarter (the author of Ready for IELTS and Tips for IELTS) and it’s really well-designed and useful for all test candidates. You will find there videos of speaking tests, lessons on various writing samples and possibilities for self-assessments.


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