New (school)year resolutions :)

With holidays over (holidays?! I had 2 weeks off, they do summer schools on holidays, after all!) I’ve decided that’s the time for some changes. I’ve noticed there aren’t many things that actually challenge me as a teacher and even if I’m not bored with my job, I feel an urge to try something new.

So, I’ve started to learn Spanish – and you may expect a note or two about how much fun it is to become a language learner again and how helpful it can be in understanding your own students.

I’ve also decided to give it a go with DELTA certificate this school year, so what awaits me is a good deal of self study. Well, being a teacher IS being a learner, right?

I spent some time in Manchester this summer (I really like this city, even though I don’t really support EITHER of its footy teams) and I’ve found out that lots of students are really into IELTS exams. Now, I’ve been doing IELTS prep classes for two years now, so I’ll try to share some ideas here (like: if you’re thinking of passing Academic IELTS, self study is not really the best option).

And the last thing is – online courses. The British Council has uploaded a bunch of nice courses on and I’m currently attending the one focused on teaching: Professional Practices for English Language Teaching. It’s really good and useful, I love reading and sharing comments, you can learn a lot not only from the presenters, but also from other followers – a huge group of teachers doesn’t always mean chaos 🙂 You should give it a go, the course has just started!

And just to make myself remember, life’s not only about teaching and learning, my final resolution is to see more rock and metal gigs. After all, if one wants to be an epic teacher, one has to experience epicness, right?


So, let’s enjoy this year together 🙂


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