Tenses review – a quickie


Having started teaching adults again, I faced a serious problem – forgetfulness 🙂 Especially, on the more advanced levels I meet people who used to learn English, and they can speak fluently, but when confronted with ‘let’s review perfect aspects today, eh?’ they go suspiciously silent. Well, it doesn’t really surprise me, as it’s really simple – if you don’t use more complex grammar every day, you’re bound to forget the rules and no wonder you’re not in the mood to deal with Future Perfect Continuous 🙂

So, just to make my – and my students’ – life easier, I’ve decided to make a cheat sheet for all the tenses & aspects, their uses and syntax. I’m happy to share it, but I’d also appreciate your insight – is there anything I have missed? Maybe I should add some details (was thinking about typical time expressions but decided against it, after all).

Anyway – you can find the cheat sheet here: Tenses review and I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tenses review – a quickie

  1. I’ve just discovered you on the British Council Future Learaning course. Congratulations on your really entertaining and informative blog!

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