Merry Crimbo :)


As a rule I don’t do Christmas stuff – in private language schools the students (or their parents) pay to learn English, not to waste time 🙂

However, a student of mine (thx Paweł!) showed me this video and it actually inspired me to bring my students at least one Christmas-related activity – and with Christmas approaching, I thought I may share it on my blog. Enjoy Ms Siobhan Thompson:

I came up with some ideas matching different language proficiency – unfortunately, beginning with pre-intermediate level, I don’t really think my elementary students would understand much.


Show the video to the students, stopping before every element (there are 10 in total) – introduce key words (stockings, pantomime, David Hasselhoff 😉 etc.). Then, let the students think what the tradition may be and listen with them to check their ideas, explaining stuff when needed.


Introduce some keywords and phrases (pull apart, cheesy prize, bread sauce), show the video twice – the first time for students to make notes on what traditions are discussed and the second time to make notes about those traditions.

Upper-intermediate and advanced:

Use this video as a regular listening exercise, asking your students to make notes about the British Christmas traditions – it may be a good introduction to a chat about cultural differences during Christmas (In my opinion mince pies are eaten only during Christmas because your stomach and liver need a full year to recover!).

Hope you’ll enjoy the activities 🙂


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